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Post Graduate Diploma in Development Assistanace Management (PGDip: DAM)


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Applicants are invited from qualified Government officials and experts engaged in agriculture, forestry and fisheries, International Development experts, foreign services diplomates, regional and global development experts and related fields.



  • South African citizen/permanent residence.
  • Applicants should meet offer to the entry requirements for acceptance to the University Of Fort Hare (IDAM).
  • The individuals should meet the requirements of the specified scarce skills and of entry as specified by the University of Fort Hare (IDAM) programme.


  • The applicant must be in possession of NQF Level 7 qualification in related discipline and must have obtained a reasonable number of years of experience
  • Organisational referral will be an added advantage
  • Applicants must receive unconditional acceptance in order to start their application process;
  • The final acceptance letter of the study programme should demonstrate unconditional acceptance of the applicant, the starting date of classes and the duration of the study programme: * Certified copies of identity document * Certified copies of qualifications * Certified copies of transcripts * Curriculum Vitae, with emphasis on both work and academic history * Brief description of the applicant’s reasons to study at the University of Fort Hare (IDAM), the objectives of the studies desired and how the applicant intends to implement the study outcomes in work environment.
  • A recommendation letter that shows permission from the employing institution, which clearly specifies its interest in having its employee or official conducting studies at the University of Fort Hare (IDAM); and the indication that the official actually has permission to be absent during the duration of the programme.
  • Lectures commences in February of every academic year