About IDAM

img Vision

An African centre of excellence leading Development Assistance Management

img Mission

Advancing and maintaining innovative standards in Development Assistance Management initiatives that are of local and global relevance.

img Services

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Knowledge management and research
  • Technical Assistance at various levels of complexity and competency requirements
  • Data Management; and
  • Development and Maintenance of Partnerships.

Core Values

The following values will be used to inform the Institute’s Competency Framework and serve as the basis of IDAM’s Vision and Mission:


Integrity in doing what is right and being a trusted development assistance vehicle and partner.

  • Demonstrate accountability
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Communicate openly and honestly
  • Treat everyone with fairness and respect
  • Follow through on commitments


Embrace change and aggressively seek new ways to do business.

  • Ensure and uphold best practices
  • Invest in and implement leading edge project management
  • Ensure environmental sustainability

Service Excellence

Commitment to contributing to improving development management in South Africa, Africa and beyond.

  • Effectively partner with stakeholders
  • Strive for excellence in facilitating development management
  • Train and develop employees
  • Leverage technology and resources
  • Recognise and reward exemplary performance


Foster participation in Development Assistance Management initiatives

  • Active partnerships with relevant stakeholders
  • Active collaborations with Development Partners
  • Advocacy and networking

Strategic Goals

To attain institutional recognition as the “centre of excellence” for Development Assistance Management through the following:

1. Providing innovative technical, research and training related support to effective Development Assistance Management.

2. Capacitating and expanding a pool of experts in in Development Assistance Management;

3. Increasing the IDAM capacity to optimise the implementation of the UFH quality management system

4. Stimulating interest from potential development partners and other carefully targeted stakeholders.